Reduce Costs

Dairy Delivery Manager reduces inventory costs with proven inventory management tools

No More Overstocking

With our inventory tracking system in place you always know what's on every truck and in every cooler.  No more guessing about how much room you have, and no more forgetting what is on a truck.

Reduce Returned Inventory

By delivering only as much as the customer uses you can reduce spoilage and returns drastically.  Stop using one-size fits all delivery when you can cater each delivery to your customer.


Knowing what you need is almost as important as knowing what you have.  With Dairy Delivery Manager you can easily track delivery trends and keep rolling averages so you know how much you need, and when.

Price Management

Every business needs to manage prices, whether it's based on quantity, or loyalty.  With our price deck management tools you can give every customer the right price for every situation.