Save Time

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets and out of date databases.

Prevent Double Entry

Don't enter your information over and over, instead transfer data from one place to another with as little as one click.

Track Your Drivers and Get Orders in Real Time

Knowing who is where can allow you to dispatch the right driver at the right time.  Need to know if you are going to be swamped tomorrow?  View order info in real time.

End of Day Summaries

Quickly look over the days reports to see if everything is running smoothly, or if you need to stock up.  Comprehensive daily reports give you all the information you need to plan ahead.

Export to Quickbooks

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  If you already have billing set up through Quickbooks, we can export your order information seamlessly.  Never try to figure out why one system doesn't match the other again.

Automate Receiving and Loading Processes

Stop micro managing your receiving and loading, and let our system do the work for you.  Our handheld displays give all the information your warehouse staff needs to keep your warehouse floor running smoothly.

Automatic Pre-Order Call Lists

Tired of generating lists and searching through records to make sure you haven't missed anyone.  Dairy Delivery Manager can take the guesswork out by generating your call ahead lists even before you need them.

Portable Interface

The Dairy Delivery Manager mobile interface works on numerous Windows powered phones and devices, and the administrative interface works from any computer with an internet connection.  Never run to the office to get that report you forgot again.

Manage Holiday Schedules

Tired of using pen and paper to manage your alternate routes and holiday deliveries.  With our holiday route interface you can easily transition your team into the holiday season without missing a beat.